Shredder chess

Cross-eyed webdesign

Cross-eyed creates websites with the aid of open source technology. Cross-eyed is proficient in customised high quality web-development with frameworks like symfony or CodeIgniter. In addition, we develop dynamic websites with the aid of well known Content Management Systems like Drupal and Wordpress.

Graphical design

Good graphical design increases both legibility and usability and emphasizes the professionality of the site. All designs are created by skilled graphical designers ensuring corporate identity and a clear presentation of the information.

Latest project

One of Cross-eyed’s most recent projects, is the restyling of a Joomla powered website for Shredder, a multiple World Champion in computer chess. Cross-eyed built this website a few years ago in close cooperation with Stefan-Meyer Kahlen, programmer of Shredder. The website adheres to the W3C standards and follows today’s highest standards in both technology and graphical design. It offers the complete flexibility of a Joomla site: all content, navigation and functionality can be changed or expanded by the user in the back-end, new functionality can be plugged in easily. URL's have been made Search Engine Friendly to improve Google ranking and search results.